By Dot Hall

Father, you sent Christ to earth and He followed Your will wholeheartedly, never doubting and never straying. He knew what His purpose was in life. It’s not as obvious for us, as we often struggle to find what your plan and Call for us is. The earth shifts rapidly and we race to keep up. Forgive us, Father, for chasing after our own ambitions, goals, and fortunes. We confess the motives of our heart that steer us off of the path You have planned for us… the purpose You have placed in us.

Help us to know that we are on Your path for our lives. Thank You for the diversity in which You have equipped each of us, and help us each to grow closer to Your Son, Jesus, so that we may be able to experience the full glory of seeing the talents You have given us contribute to the growth of Your church and the sharing of your unconditional love.
Lord, take our hands and guide our feet. Guide our reactions through our success and our defeats. May our hearts grow more like Yours each day, as we look around at the people You’ve placed in our lives to reach. Help us to love those people as you would, through our talents and gifts. Through the distractions of everyday life, allow us to hear Your call and follow You always.

Please bless the work of our Mission of the Month, the Diaper Bank. We also ask you to hold our congregation in your caring arms. We raise Aimee, Bruce, Audrey, Morgan, Hugh, Lizzy, Kristen, Lee, & Nancy, to your attention and ask you to bring them your loving care. And now we bring our private concerns and wishes to you. Please hear us now.

Thank you for always hearing us Lord. Help us to wait patiently for your answers. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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