By Dot Hall

Heavenly Father, we come to you today a little bit afraid. We are afraid by all the violence here in Syracuse this week, especially the tragedy right across the street from our church at Chili’s. We are afraid for the thousands of people impacted by the hurricanes, wildfires and flooding all across the Eastern coast, Oklahoma & Texas. Many feel so hopeless.


We are afraid because many people in our congregation are dealing with illness or struggles. People like Pastor Alan, Hugh, Kristen, Catherine, Wes, Louise, Ruth, Beth, Jack, Victoria, Jaylene, Ally & Morgan.

Some of us are sitting here with our stomachs twisted in knots. Our hearts are pounding. Our heads ache & hurt. Some of us can’t find any rest.

We are worried about our families. We fear what the future holds. What will we do if jobs are lost? If relationships are not restored? What about the challenges with our children? What will the doctor say the test results are? What IF???

Father, forgive us for turning our gaze from you & looking at the frightening things happening around us. Forgive us for not trusting that you are with us always! Forgive us for not calling out to you sooner instead of trying to conquer our fears in our own strength.

Lord, though we don’t know what will happen with all that troubles us today, help us to trust you. Help us to remember that you are not surprised, too busy, or that someone else is more important. Help us to wait & watch for your glory. Remind us that facing our fears may be the very first step in understanding the true purpose of our lives.

Father, in this moment of silence, hear the deepest cries of our heart. Give each person here a peace that passes all understanding as they raise their fears up to you. Hear us now…

And now let us join in one voice of faith by saying the prayer Jesus taught his disciples.

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