By Kim Buchanan:

Dear Heavenly Father,

    We thank You for the many blessings you provide us each day.  But we come to You admitting we sometimes get angry with circumstances and each other.  Unfortunately, it is often trivial events that get us riled up. Slow service for fast food, a car that cuts us off in traffic, a vending machine that takes our money without dropping the product, a store being out of a needed item can cause our blood pressure to go up.  But we know that we should simply take a deep breath and send up a prayer for patience.

    Other times we are angry with You.  The tragic loss of a loved one, a lingering illness, the lack of financial stability, the end of a long time relationship all may cause us to rale against you and ask why.  It is sometimes hard for us to see that You are still with us in these angry times, that You are still loving us even when we do not show love toward You.

    And then there are times we may be angry with big situations in our world.  We are angered by the injustices in the world. We are indignant over the systems that seem to keep individuals in a circle of poverty.  We are outraged by senseless violence. And the list goes on. Hopefully we can turn our anger into action. We can take food to the food pantries and help serve meals.  We can donate clothing and household items. We can make cash donations to organizations that help others and give our time and talents in volunteering.

    Lord, help us to be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  Please help us to just let go of petty frustrations. Help us to turn to You in prayer when life’s circumstances cause us to blame You rather than trust You, and to act on situations that are within our reach to make a change.

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