By Dot Hall…
Lord God,

You show us you are with us in so many ways: the friend who screams in joy with us at our good news, the parent who beams with pride with our accomplishments, the neighbor who laughs with us at our home projects, our co-worker who brightens our day with a big smile.

But we really know you are with us when we feel your touch. The arm of a spouse wrapped around us in comfort, the hand of a child saying “Let’s play”, the folded hands in prayer of a friend helping us through a difficult time, the community bonding together through a tragedy or natural disaster.

Help us remember, Lord, that you call US to be your touch. You ask US to put our arms around those who are hurting, to join with others in prayer, to sit with those who are ill, to feed those who are hungry, to listen, to pray. Help us to return your loving touch by being the loving touch to someone else today.

Lord, we know we can start by being your healing touch to those on our prayer & care. Please hold each of them in your arms, bring them peace and healing. And as we come to you now with our private concerns and celebrations, let us feel you near us.

Let us never lose faith in your love. Let us trust you and your touch, and let us be your healing touch.

In Jesus name we pray,

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