By Dot Hall

Heavenly Father, Good Shepherd,

Thank you for the gift of today. Thank you for the opportunity to follow you and worship you freely here in the United States. Thank you for never leaving our side, calmly leading us through trials, compassionately caring for us when we are ill, and lovingly leading us to the places you’ve called us to be.

Father, please be with Morgan, Alan, Hugh, Lizzy, Kristen, Catherine, Kristen, Ruth, Beth, Louise & Charlotte.  Shepherd them through their illness: comfort and heal them.

Please be with the families of those lost in Missouri on the tourist boat. Bring them peace and hope during their time of grief.

Lord, as we gather here this evening, let us feel your presence. Remind us that you love us as a group and as individuals. As we bring our private celebrations and concerns to you, let us feel your love, hear your direction,  and listen without fear. Hear us now.

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