By Rachel Roney

Dear Gracious and loving Father

We pause this morning to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. For the summer sunshine, warm breeze and sounds of nature. As the last wonderful weeks of summer tick by, we take a moment to pause and be thankful. We are also so grateful for the fellowship inside these walls – for our brothers and sisters in worship, music, pastors, Stephen Ministers, youth leaders, ushers, lay leaders and staff. In worship, we give our thanks and praise to you, our Great Provider.
As we hear today’s message, about The Wise Heart, let us remember that true wisdom from God is not just about knowing in our heads what the right thing is or isn’t, but is found in our hearts. Allow us to open our minds, and hearts, hear your voice and be surrounded by your love. Let us use our wisdom to serve and help and give to others.
Loving God, we pray for those on our prayer and care list who are each facing significant personal challenges. Lord, we give special thanks today for our mission of the month, Mercy Works. Their amazing work empowering youth and under-served individuals in our community, enabling them to reach their highest potential. What a powerful ministry!

Loving God, we lift up a special prayer today for the family, friends and classmates of Blake Lucas, who was tragically taken from us too early this past week. Surround them with your tender comfort.

Lord, we pray that our spirits will be renewed and refreshed as your plan for us evolves. As we bring our private celebrations and concerns to you, let us feel your loving arms around us

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