New Study: Not In It To Win It: Christians, Politics, and Church

Sundays at 10:00 AM in Miller Commons & on Zoom (Contact for links)

Rev. Alan Rudnick, leader

Is it possible to disagree politically and love unconditionally? The reaction of Christians to political and cultural shifts in recent years revealed what they value most. By every human measure, our Savior lost. On purpose. With a purpose. And we are his body. We are not in it to win anything. We are in it for something else entirely. In this study you’ll discover:

  • How to take a stand the right way. You’ll learn how to make your case with a posture of humility and understanding, rather than being fueled by the fear of losing something.

  • How to view politics through the lens of faith. Learn curiously, listen intentionally, and love unconditionally.

  • How the life of Jesus and his teaching applies to modern-day challenges in a fresh way. The “biblical” stand may not be what we’ve been taught.

Jesus called his followers to obey a new command: to love others in the same way he has loved us. Instead of asserting our rights or fighting for power, we need to begin asking ourselves: what does love require of me?

Women’s Bible Study – A Journey Through Psalm 23
Sundays at 10:00 AM in the DCC Parlor

This fall we’re taking a verse-by-verse journey through one of the most celebrated passages in the Bible, Psalm 23.

David—poet, shepherd, and king—illustrates in this psalm how God meets our physical, spiritual, emotional, directional, relational, and eternal needs. These truths bolster our trust and confidence in His goodness to us, in this life and the next. In this six-part series, discover the depths of your Heavenly Father’s affection for you. Rest in the presence, protection, and provision of Jesus as we boldly proclaim that we are under the expert management and compassionate care of the Good Shepherd.

Sessions are video-based teachings followed by scripture & discussion in small groups. No preparation is needed. Walking deeper in between sessions is optional. Bring your favorite bible and coffee or tea.

Come as you are, once or for all 5 remaining sessions: 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13*

* Makeup Session

For more information, contact the church office (