By Dot Hall

Lord God,
Thank you for the blessing to come to this physical church to worship you. We know there are many places in the world where people cannot safely or openly worship you. And we thank you for the wonderful ministries that are happening to those that come through our doors, and to those that never do.

As we listen to Pastor Mark’s words tonight, remind us where we personally fit in your church. Help us to understand what your church is. Show us where our light can shine to others. Let our hearts and ears hear where you are calling us to do your work. We believe in your church and we are ready for your Holy Spirit to be with us, leading us. Show us how we can be your church every day; not just here in this building, but in our homes, our schools, our workplaces and every place we go.

Father, please be with the thousands who have been impacted by the Nor’easter storm this week. Help them to recover safely. And please be with members of our own congregation who are in need. We raise up the family of Derrick Best; please comfort them in their grief. We also ask for your healing prayers for Aimee, Audrey, Hugh, Morgan & Lizzy.

Holy Spirit, as we bring our private prayers of thanksgiving and concerns to you now, please give us your peace. Hear us now.

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