By Dot Hall…

Lord God,
Thank you for the chance to keep up with the Jones’s. Thank you for super-sized everything. Thank you for instant communication, bigger and faster gadgets, cars with more and more amenities. Homes with multiple TVs with super high definition, movies on demand, drive through food, take out dinners, prepared foods in the grocery stores, even grocery stores that are bigger than some small towns! You have definitely blessed us with plenty and abundance!

But we also thank you for less. For quiet dinners surrounding the family table where dialogue still occurs. For walks along the beach where we can hear and see your wonder. For rocking chairs on front porches where we can sit awhile. For the wonder of a young child playing with a leaf for hours on end. For peanut butter & jelly sandwiches laid out on a blanket in our own back yard as a picnic. It is in these times we can feel, see and hear you most. It is these simple blessings and treasured gifts where we feel most content and loved by you.

And while you don’t discourage us from striving to be our best, you do remind us to be satisfied with what we have been given. To trust that you have provided all we need. And today we ask you for the strength to stay focused on your grace and goodness and to not want for more.

Lord, there are many in our congregation who are needing you for healing, peace, strength, and love. We ask that you be with each person on our Prayer List. And as we come to you now with our private cares and concerns, help us to seek your voice of contentment. Hear us now.

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