By Elizabeth Chapman

Loving Father, we see in our world that power,
wealth, prestige, and even deceit are celebrated.
We see that weakness, doubt, loneliness,
discouragement, and fear are often viewed as failure.
Lord, as we learn about Jacob’s fears and anxieties,
we may also find ourselves struggling against your
will. But Jacob’s story shows us that he was blessed
by you, God, when he confronted his troubles. Help
us to surrender our hearts and spirits to you. Help
us to open all the secret and painful places in our
hearts to you. Let us experience the transformation
of allowing your plan for our lives to be fulfilled.
Help us to remember that your blessing is always
with us, giving us the gifts of endurance, faith and
courage. We bring our strengths, talents, and
energies to you in complete surrender. We pray that
you will guide our actions, words, and thoughts to
make our world more compassionate and peaceful.
Fill our hearts with love and hope for lives that are
blessed with quiet, steady, purposeful actions. We
pray that our spirits will be renewed and refreshed
as your plan for us evolves. We believe in You and
receive You as our Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name
we pray, Amen.

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