By Dot Hall…
Lord God
There are days when we feel so very overwhelmed and tired. There doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. Juggling work, family, friends….volunteer obligations, church obligations and every activity we can think of seems to take every minute and every ounce of energy we have. Add to that the constant communication and instant news of today’s world, and we easily get pulled away from You.

Lord, we know you are not the author of confusion. Forgive us for losing sight of you during these times. Forgive us for forgetting that you are in control and not us. Remind us that if we turn our burdens and worries over to you that you will bring us peace, you will help us prioritize and you will help us get all the truly important things done, and you will give us peace about not doing the unimportant things. All we have to do is draw near to you. Communicate with you.  Call out your name when things are spinning. And give our worries to you.

Lord this week has reminded us that you can work amazing miracles through very tragic situations. When we watch the news coming from Texas and Louisiana we are heartbroken. If that storm had happened here last week, we would not be able to sit in these pews today, or have shopped at Wegmans today, or gone to the Fair. We are thankful for your blessings on us and we ask that you continue to hold the people in Texas and Louisiana in the palm of your hands. Let them feel your love, see your hope, feel your peace as they deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Please also be with those on our prayer chain. Hear their calls for healing, give them strength and let them feel your unconditional love.

Lord, as we bring our personal burdens to you now, we ask that you touch our hearts and minds with your words of hope. Help us know that you are lifting our worries and that you hear us. We come to you in silent prayer now.

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