We want to know your plans for us.  Sometimes we are fearful or uncertain of our path in life.  Sometimes we can be confused by the worldly events that surround us.  We can be impatient, waiting and wondering how to find your guidance.

We can keep our hearts open as we listen to you during prayer, meditation, and quiet reflection.

We can take the wise counsel of others, including our church family.  We are blessed with our pastoral leaders.  They show us by example how to listen for your plans for us.  We are blessed with members who are filled with wisdom and faith. They are always ready to care for us.

We can share our gifts and talents.  Each of us has unique and precious contributions to bring to our church, community, and our world.

Father, we place our trust in your loving grace.  Our faith in you will help us to be mindful and patient.  Our hearts will remain open to receive your plans for us.

In your name and the name of your son, Jesus, amen.

We now bring our silent prayers to you.

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