As we focus on the messages of the Lenten and Easter season, we will learn how the temptation Jesus faced connects with our own lives. Let us have open hearts and minds to hear the messages of our pastoral leaders.

We know that invitations to temptation can be attractive as temptations distort reality. In temptation, there is a bit of truth mixed in with harmful falsehoods.

While we need to be mindful of recognizing when temptations arise, often this is difficult when we are distracted, fatigued, or just immersed in the demands of daily life.

The damaging and unhealthy results of our temptations can lead to self-empowerment above God’s teachings, wealth-oriented living, misuse or abuse of other persons, and addictions.

Lord, you know our individual weaknesses, and our challenges to be vigilant as we face temptations in the modern, complicated world.

Keep us in your loving care, heavenly Father, and help us to grow in virtue.  Strengthen those who are standing.  Raise up all who have fallen and are overcome with greed, selfishness, and addictions. Help us renounce the world’s lies and deceits, and find instead, occasions for love and faith in Jesus’ teachings.

Lord, in your name, and in your power, we ask for your protection and guidance as we face temptations and uncertainties.  Help us enter the calm space of prayer and mindfulness to reflect on our blessings.

All these things we humbly pray, with faith in the Holy Spirit that dwells in each of us, and with gratitude for your ever-present Grace.


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