Lord – you see us all in the hours, days and weeks where we are every version of ourselves

The kind and caring version of ourselves willing to help out when needed

The jealous and angry version of ourselves grabbing for what we want

The times when we go above and beyond wanting nothing more than to please you and then,

maybe even the same day,

The time we hold back – our time, our love, our resources, even a smile –

because we don’t want to, or it’s not easy, or it’s not convenient.

You see us in our roles as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, colleagues, leaders – you know where we are living the part and where we are only acting

Thank you for loving us even when we are caught in the act and offering grace instead of condemnation

God it is so freeing to know that we don’t have be perfect – the only perfect in our lives is your perfect love

Beyond our circles of influence and the roles we play we are collectively one nation heading into a week of change. Let us ponder and celebrate diversity and respect for all human races as we remember Martin Luther King Jr this week.

No matter what we hear about the hope of a new president or the fear of one, we know your truth has not and will not change

Regardless of party lines or politics we are one nation under you, God

We look to you as our ultimate leader and protector

Walk with us into this year that is still new, still full of possibility, and remind us of the truth you have for us

When others build walls, your people build bridges

You lead us along the high roads even when the way of the world, of the low roads, seems easier

You call each of us distinctly, personally and lovingly to be who you created us to be.

Remind us each individually who you are calling us to be as we come before you in silent prayer now…

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