Dear Heavenly Father,

We know as believers that we are your children, and as children we need help and guidance to grow toward maturity.  Help us to grow roots that are grounded in Your word and your love.  Help us to use the spiritual water that flows from You and to feed on Your word. Help us to be open to Your nurturing Spirit. Help us to weed out those things that are not suitable for one who is designed in Your image. And someday may we bloom where we are planted and bear the fruit of Your spirit.

Lord, we know that growth is often uncomfortable.  Just like the athlete that pushes his or her physical boundaries, help us to push our spiritual boundaries.  We know that growth requires us to learn – learn by reading scripture, learn from the teachings of others, learn from the example of others.  We know that growth requires us to reach upward, to spend time in prayer, to spend time in worship and fellowship, to spend time reflecting on Your word. We know that growth takes time and sometimes occurs in baby steps, help us to be patient.

And sometimes growth requires a great leap of faith.  Help us to trust in You so we may take that leap even if we can’t see where we may land.

Lord, we are thankful that You are there no matter in which stage of growth You find us.  Please hear now our silent

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