You call us to serve. To be the hands of feet of Jesus. To listen. To Love. You ask us to see people through your eyes. You ask us to show compassion to others.
Here at Dewitt Community, you have shown us how to do that. You have given gifts to people
– who like to cook and provide meals for others in need,
-who like to knit shawls to provide wraps of prayers and warmth,
-who like to pray for others silently,
-who like to sing songs of hope and encouragement.
And you’ve nudged nearly 20 members of our congregation to become Stephen Ministers to extend the pastoral care to others as they go through transitions in life. We can’t thank you enough for these many blessings.
And yet, we know there is more to do. We know there are still people right in our neighborhoods who are struggling to buy food, pay for housing, who don’t have electricity and clean water. We know there are hundreds who are uninsured and don’t have adequate medical care.
Help us to not stop where we are. Help us to continue to listen to your call. Help us to be courageous enough to trust you and that you will lead us to where we can serve you. Remind us that if we will just take that first step, you will pave the way. You will walk along side of us as we walk alongside those you’ve called us to serve.
Let us start this morning by listening to you during this silent time of prayer. As we bring our private concerns to you, let us also hear your words for us this morning. Hear us now.

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