Dear Lord, thank you for bringing us together as sisters and brothers in this wonderful community of faith.

We offer up our prayers of gratitude for everything we have we know comes from you. We offer our prayers for those who are needy.  For children in need, for troubled youth, for the elderly and infirmed. We pray for people all over the world who are homeless, victims of disaster and violence.  We pray for our economy and our nation and the members of our military serving so sacrificially.  We pray for your strength to continue our ministries at Dewitt Community Church…. Ministries both inside our walls and that extends like a spider web out into our community.

We pray that through your grace, we can learn to be humble, gentle, patient with one another and united in the spirit of peace. We pray for your guidance as each one of us walks our very individual spiritual path.

Lord we lift up those in our congregation and on our prayer and care list who are going through difficult times – illnesses, loss of loved ones, family turmoil, job losses and other challenges. We pray for our Stephen ministers who walk with those who are in times of crisis.

We give thanks for our June Mission of the month, Matthew 25 farm who donates fresh produce to food pantries and the less fortunate in Central New York. We are so fortunate to partner with them in support of all the terrific work they do.

And Father, as we are all seeking to make changes and re prioritize our lives, let each of us find the spiritual refreshment and renewal that flows from you

And now in these moments of silence, let each of us reach out to you with our own individual prayers, needs, and praises.

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