Thank you. Thank you for the many opportunities we get every day to do more. To lead one more project. To join one more committee. To serve one more under-resourced group. To join one more sports team or book club or trivia night or musical group.

Thank you for the blessings of each member of our family, God. They are gifts from you that we cherish immensely. And thank you for the opportunity to care for them in times of need. And while we love them, we admit with some guilt that sometimes caring for them can add to an already overflowing “to do” list and we feel overwhelmed.

And this is where we falter Lord. We create checklists of things we need to do believing we are in control of our days and that we don’t need you. We believe if we just check things off this “to do” list,  we will relax and find peace. But the truth is, the more we try to do, the more tired, frustrated and worn out we get. Because we are working alone, without You, Lord. We are confusing the need to build a resume, to serve others, or to be the one in charge with the thought that more is always better. We foolishly think you will love us more if we simply do more.

Please forgive us, God. We know there is a better way. Help us to begin each day with you, asking for your direction and guidance. Help us trust that you will help us sort out what is important, what needs to be done, what assignment or task we should accept or not. We may not know how to start and we may be very afraid of letting others down, but we know you will gently guide us back to serving only one Master: You, Lord, and only then will we stop spinning out of control. Help us trust that You will give us all we need by asking you first if we should say yes or no.

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