Dear God,


I have failed you. I have tried to be like the Good Samaritan, trying to help those in need. I’ve brought meals to those who need them, I’ve volunteered my time at the church and other organizations that help others: the veterans, the Red Cross, the disabled and more. I’ve provided financial support to help others who have less than me.

But Lord, I confess: this was all done from the comfort of my own home, my work place, and my church. I have not been brave enough to reach across to other neighborhoods. I haven’t rolled up my sleeves and gotten dirty helping those who are homeless, jobless, or hungry. I have stayed a safe distance. That’s not what you taught us or ask of us.

Lord I ask for your courage. Take away my fear. Remove my “what ifs”. Show me where I can do your work. Help me be a leader and to be your servant where it’s needed; not just where it’s safe and easy. Help me to be the Samaritan you gifted me to be.

And now Lord, during this time of silence, I ask that you be with my neighbors here today at DCC. Hear our prayers. Speak to each of us and calm our fears and worries.

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