janeJane Hahn

I was raised in China. None of my parents and relatives are Christian. I never heard of Jesus and the Gospels before I met Ben (my husband) in 2006. I was baptized in Shanghai, China one year later. Meeting Jesus and getting to know Him has been an amazing journey for me. Jesus changed me from head to toe. My priority list used to be work, work and work. Thanks to Jesus’ teaching, my priority list has changed to God, Family and work. Love God and love each other has become the most important lesson in my life.

I went to University at Buffalo for my MBA in 2010. At that time, I had no friends but Ben, and I knew nothing about this country. God provided for me abundantly as always. He led me to a wonderful church family in Tonawanda NY where I was confirmed in 2011. He placed many great people there to help me not only learn the Bible and grow spiritually, but also prepared my wedding, welcomed my parents, and even taught me how to cook and bake. Not long after we moved to Syracuse, we found DeWitt Community Church. I still remember that Sunday after Mark preached, Ben and I both looked at each other and said “this is our new church home”. Then we both became members of DCC; I went to Bible Study group, attended Stephen Ministry training, and served on Board of the Women’s Association. Wherever I went, I was surrounded with love and smiles. I never thought that one day I would be part of the staff team. What a privilege!!

I could not thank God enough for what HE has brought to my life, let alone our precious twin boys Ethan and Nathan. God’s people are so lovely that I just want to become one of them. Thank God, thank DCC, for making me a better person every day.

My hope is to see DCC become a church that is Christ- centered and Bible Believing, that all people are welcomed and loved, that all members are united to grow together, love each other, and serve inside and out.


Scripture: Romans 5:4-6

Food: Asian food

Activity: Sleeping (Haven’t been able to sleep through since I was pregnant with my twin boys)

Season: Fall in upstate NY

Movie:  Me before You (but it’s changing all the time)

Fun Fact: I am the third one who has twins in my extended family.