July/August 2020 Reopening Task Force Recommendations

The congregational survey that was sent out to gather data and inform the Reopening Task Force and Board of Trustees found that 131 households had completed the study.  Based on the results here is an executive summary of the survey results

  • 58% of respondents stated that they would not return in person worship immediately or would wait several weeks before attending.

  • Only 22% of respondents said they would return to in-person worship immediately

  • 90% of respondents said they would wear a mask when in the church building

  • 65% of respondents said they would not attend a small group gathering or would wait several weeks.

  • Only 21% of respondents said they would bring their children or youth to attend church in-person.

  • 40% would be comfortable attending worship if social distancing was enforced in the sanctuary, and 35% reported that they would not feel comfortable attending worship.

  • 78% of respondents are over the age of 55.

The task force would like to observe and study school plans for in-person learning since the dynamics of public education activities, and church activities share similar risks (small spaces, food service, large gatherings, etc…). This would allow our church to observe and collect more information about best practice reopening. The state currently limits our capacity of occupancy at 50% for in-person worship. With churches being classified in the highest risk category, data we compiled, and recommendations of health care professionals, the task force recommends to the Trustees, which were approved:

  1. Virtual Worship to continue through September 16 with a revaluation for possible in-person worship 11 am service in the sanctuary beginning late September or Early October.

  2. When in-person worship resumes, the 11 am worship service would be a simplified service without congregational singing, bibles, hymnals, and social distancing restrictions in place.

  3. If in-person worship resumes, a pre-recorded worship service will live stream at 5:30 PM on Saturday and 9 AM on Sunday.

  4. Continue to allow small group gatherings to meet in the building.

Task Force: Greg Stock, Pastor Alan Rudnick, Pastor Cindy Mapstone, Shirley Myrus, Chuck Doolittle, Mick Thorpe, and Abel Searor.