HawleysPeter Hawley

I grew up in Skaneateles (class of ’97) and still live there with my wife Melinda and our 3 daughters Skylar, Eve, and Petra.  We are also expecting a son in October.  I’m a graduate of Ithaca College with degrees in Classical Guitar and Video Production.  Music and Media are two passions of mine, and I have served as the Worship Leader at St. James’ Church in Skaneateles for the last 5 years.  I lead contemporary worship there on Sunday mornings, praising and glorifying Jesus with the help of a great band.

I wasn’t raised in a Christian household, and to this day my parents and siblings are skeptical of my service to Christ.  In my early 20’s I made a commitment to Jesus and offered all of my gifts and skills to His service.  Being able to use my creativity and ability to further the reach of the Gospel, and share in the Kingdom work of ministry has been both life giving and humbling.  I and my family are so thankful for this opportunity to serve at DCC.  I thank God and I also thank you for your encouragement and faithfulness.

If you need assistance where your ministry area intersects new technologies, I am here to help.  Or if you just want to chat about vintage banjos or video file codecs, drop me a line.  We worship an awesome God who uses all ordinary things to accomplish His extraordinary mission.  I pray that we all may receive the blessings of being equipped and enriched by working in His service.


Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Musician: Bjork

Instrument: 5 String Banjo

Sports Team: Syracuse Basketball

Movie:  O Brother, Where Art Thou

Fun Fact: I do freelance TV production work for ESPN