Each month, we as a church support a specific mission as selected by the Christian Caring Committee.  The congregation contributes – both financially and in service – to  a local organization via our “Mission of the Month” program.  Money given to the Mission of the Month goes directly to that mission. In addition, the church gives these organizations a percentage of our Mission budget.

Financial gifts to the mission of the month may be made by using the contribution envelopes available in the pews and checking “Mission of the Month.” These are collected during the Offertory or may be sent to the Church Office.

2016/2017 Schedulehome-motm-580x400

September: J-D Ecumenical Food Pantry

October: Mercy Works

November: Charity for Children

December: In My Father’s Kitchen

January: David’s Refuge

February: Francis House

March: Hope for Ariang

April: Eagle Wings Academy

May: Matthew 25 Farm

June: FM/JD Meals on Wheels